Hair loss or recession has over the years emerged as one of the many fears and while it was initially associated with old age and certain illnesses such as cancer, this phenomenon has gone to tear into people from all age groups and walks of life.

There are many products and supplements that have been proposed as the best remedy for this condition and one of these that shall be the focus of this article is Nioxin shampoo.

Understanding Nioxin

Having been around for nearly three decades now, it is only lately that its popularity as a remedy for androgenetic alopecia emerged but be that as it may, there is very little, if any, authority research pointing out to this fact.

However, it is the high number of possible success cases that adds credence to the fact that this shampoo could be the perfect hair loss treatment. In this regard, it works by causing 5 effects for thicker-looking hair. These effects include;

-reducing hair loss as a result of breakage,

-Strengthening hair strands against damage by the cuticles,

-amplifing hair texture,

-delivering an overall dense-looking hair and 

-ridding the scalp of excessive sebum.

 How Does it Work?

In order to ensure thick and healthy hair, there needs to be a proper and healthy scalp environment. This environment is achieved through the removal of excess sebum, debris and dirt which often clog the hair follicles.

In addition to acting as an agent for cleansing the scalp, the shampoo is also rich in ingredients that directly contribute to hair health and thickness. Some of these ingredients include BioAMP®, Activ-Renewal® among many more. The ingredients are also known to inhibit the process’s by which testosterone is converted into DHT, an agent notorious for male pattern hair loss.

Does It Work?

As already pointed out, the success rate of this shampoo is determined by the many accounts of people with whom the shampoo has worked. 

It should be pointed out that neither the manufacturer nor researchers have suggested that the shampoo is effective in this regard and this conclusion is therefore arrived at purely on statistics.

The manufacturer only claims its ability to enable healthy hair follicles produce healthy and thicker hair.

How Long Before I See Results?

Thicker and denser-looking hair is usually noticeable within the first one month of using Nioxin shampoo. However, it has often been argued that the best results could take up to three months, even as the scalp will feel naturally cleaner and 'breathe’ easier within a few weeks of using the shampoo.

When your end goal is to totally stop hair loss, then you may just have to wait for up to 6 months to see any meaningful results.

How To Apply

The shampoo is normally accompanied by three other products which together form a 3-system treatment pattern. 

You begin by applying the shampoo on wet hair and then lather it for a minute before rinsing out.

This process is soon followed by Nioxin Scalp Therapy which is normally done by a conditioner. The conditioner is to be left for between one to three minutes.

Lastly, Nioxin scalp treatment is administered, usually after the hair has been dried using a towel.

Side Effects

Nioxin shampoo is relatively mild to the scalp though in certain cases, it may pose some side effects. The most commonly witnessed side effects include redness on the scalp which usually disappears after a week or two. Conclusion It should be remembered that the shampoo is mostly natural hence safe to use, which explains why this treatment option would agree with many people. However, note that if you are to use this method, you should be consistent if it is to achieve any meaningful effects, as failure to use it up to the prescribed duration could make your hair revert to its original condition.